Always go back
Visiting customers after a feature has been designed often yields unexpected learnings.
Fear the Fedora
A fun little side project: The official shirt for Neil Blumenfield. Support him as he plays for the 2015 World Series of Poker bracelet.
Work on hard, boring problems
Want to become a better designer, a better problem-solver and a more empathetic human being? Choose hard, boring problems.
What I didn't learn in design school
A short note about the things I didn't learn in design school
Adaptivity: Designing for iOS 8, iPad, iPhone 6 and 6+
iOS 8 introduced some powerful adaptivity features that makes designing and building apps for multiple screen sizes easier than ever.
Design Goggles
The next morning has a way of revealing the truth – 
in love and in craft.
How to be Creative
Sometimes all it takes to be creative is a good, long shower.